Let's Do This Together!

No more cramps, PMS, bloating, headaches, and exhaustion.

No more last-minute rushes to the chemist. No more hushed pleas to strangers for tampons.

No more throwing hundreds of smelly disposable tampons and pads.

We don't HAVE to deal with any of those things alone!


We need you!

We decided to build a community of like-minded menstruators to work together into bringing the best beauty box of menstrual care to life!

As a future member of this community:

  1. You get to join a safe space to talk about everything related to menstruation
  2. You get access to exclusive weekly giveaway contests
  3. You get to talk to hundreds of women and share your stories for better ways to manage periods
  4. You get to share your feedback, new ideas and help us improve the ARYA Menstrual Set (in the front seat)

All you have to do is join our facebook group by clicking below:

Join the adventure and let's prove to every menstruators out there that there is a better alternative!

Let's Do This Together <3